Below are a list of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us directly via phone or email and we will be happy to help!

I'm not receiving my ParentMails?

Have you verified your email address? We sent you an email with instructions. Take a look at the ParentMail instructions and Verify you Email Address.

Does Rydal have a behaviour policy?

Yes, we do. It is available to download here. Rydal Behaviour Policy. All our staff understand the policy and work within it’s framework on a daily basis.

Does Rydal have a policy dealing with regulations and ratios?

Yes, we do. It is available to download here. Rydal Regulations Policy. All our staff understand the policy and work within it’s framework on a daily basis.

Does Rydal have a policy dealing with sickness?

Yes, we do. It is available to download here. Rydal Sickness Policy. All our staff understand the policy and work within it’s framework on a daily basis. Please see our Rydal Exclusion chart for further details on how long your child would need to be absent from nursery if they had specific illnesses.

Does Rydal have a policy dealing with safeguarding children?

Yes, we do. It is available to download here. Rydal Safeguarding Policy. All our staff understand the policy and work within it’s framework on a daily basis.

Bringing toys to nursery

Please keep all toys at home unless as part of topic or a comfort aid, which can be left in the box, provided and made accessible to the child during the session. It will be the responsibility of the parent to remember to take such items home, the nursery cannot be held responsible for any toy being lost or broken.

Nursery Visitors

It is the policy of Rydal Day Nursery that no persons shall be admitted into the nursery without prior appointment, other than government officials showing proof of identity.

All visitors may be contacted by telephone or letter, as a means of checking their identity.

All visitors should provide some form of identification. i.e. documentation or verbal proof of identification that can be checked against registration forms.

Complaints Policy

We sincerely trust that your child’s time at the nursery and your time as a parent of a child attending sessions, will be happy and free from problems. However should you have cause for concern or complaint, you may mention your worries to the staff in charge who can take you to our private interview room.

Subsequent to either of these, should you then wish to take matters further, please contact Heather House the Nursery Owner/Proprietor, the Nursery Manager or Ofsted National Business Unit, Piccadilly Gate, Store St, Manchester, M1 2WD. Tel:0300 1231231 . Website: Ofsted Parents

Collection of Children

It is the policy of Rydal Day Nursery that children are only picked up by carers named on the child’s registration forms and who have already been introduced to the staff. There will be yearly update of registration forms and change of details as they are notified.
If, in the case of an emergency, parents contact staff to inform them that they have made alternative arrangements allocating a third party to collect their child / children that allocated representative must be informed by the parent that they must bring formal identification to produce to the staff. (Policy included in parent’s booklet). Parents are also asked to give a password to this person to make it more secure that the person collecting their child is the correct person.
Failure to comply will mean that the staff are within their rights to refuse to release the child.

In the case of a parent / carer failing to collect their child the following procedure will be followed;

  1. Parents contacted on emergency contact numbers on registration form.
  2. Named emergency person will be contacted.
  3. If none of the above are available – two designated members of staff will remain to supervise the child until contact can be made with any named person on registration form. Staff time will be charged for, payable with the next bill.
  4. If after an hour no named persons are contactable, we will contact Children’s Social Care.


The nursery’s work with children and families will sometimes bring us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that all those using and working in the nursery can do so with confidence, we will respect confidentiality in the following ways:

  • Parents will have ready access to the files and records of their own children but will not have access to information about any other child.
  • Staff will not discuss individual children, other than for purposes of curriculum planning/nursery management, with people other than the parents/carers of that child.
  • Information given by parents/carers to the nursery manager or key person will not be passed on to other adults without permission.
  • Issues to do with the employment of staff, whether paid or unpaid, will remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions.
  • Any anxieties/evidence relating to a child’s personal safety will be kept in a confidential file and will not be shared within the nursery except with the child’s key person and the proprietor unless deemed absolutely necessary.
  • Students on recognised training attachments, when they are observing in the nursery, will be advised of our confidentiality policy and required to respect it.

All the undertakings above are subject to the paramount commitment of the nursery, which is to the safety and well-being of the child.
Please see also our policy on child protection.


Our aim is to minimise discipline problems by giving the child a full, varied and interesting programme. When problems do arise, discipline is tailored as far as possible, to the needs of the individual child. Our policy is to remove the child from the immediate situation and for a member of staff to spend time with the child until the problem is resolved. If there are persistent difficulties with a child, the staff will consult that child’s parents.

Do you have an eSafety policy?

Yes, we do. It is available to download here. Rydal eSafety Policy. All our staff understand the policy and work within it’s framework on a daily basis.

Comments and Grievances

A box, writing implement and a supply of paper is made available for any casual comments, observations or suggestions you would like to make.These may be anonymous or if you require a personal reply, please ensure that your name and address are noted and a written response will be arranged for your collection at your child’s session that immediately follows the next staff meeting.The comments received via this method will be addressed under ‘any other business’ at the monthly staff meeting.We will also ask you to spare us the time to complete an annual questionnaires.

Child Medication / Sick Children

Administration of medication and sick children policy
Administration of medication and sick children policy
Amended October 14

It is the policy of Rydal Day Nursery to make all staff aware of parents requests regarding the administration of prescribed medicines, and the following protocols must be observed.

If a child is clearly unwell or has a temperature then the parent/carer will be contacted to collect the unwell child and informed of the nurseries exclusion period.

Children must not come to nursery if they have had medication containing Paracetamol or ibuprofen within 12 hours before attending. At Rydal we take our duty of care very seriously and try to limit the spread of infections and viruses. Paracetamol and ibuprofen masks and reduces a child’s symptoms rather than treating them. We feel that this is in the best interest of the child and all the children attending Rydal.

If children are on antibiotics they are able to attend nursery after 48 hours from the first dose, this is to ensure they do not have an allergic reaction from the antibiotics and that their body has had time to begin to recover from the illness. A senior member of the team will administer the antibiotics after an antibiotic instruction form has been completed with all specified information is received and signed. The antibiotics will be kept in a locked medicine cupboard. The medicine bottle will need to be clearly labelled with the child’s name, doctors, dosage and a recent date ensuring they are prescribed for current illness. Staff will be required to record administration immediately in the record book attached to the medicine cupboard after administration and is to be signed by the administer and a witness. This is to ensure correct dosage is received and we have a record of medicine that has been administered.

If a child has a long term condition that requires medicine, the staff at Rydal will be trained and will administer the medication to the child, for example; asthma, nut allergy, epilepsy, etc.
The medicine must be prescribed for the child receiving it.
It must be stored in the original containers, clearly labelled, in date and prescribed for the current condition. At Rydal Day Nursery the medication will be stored in a safe place (a locked medicine cabinet), out of reach of all children.

The parent must give prior written permission to administer any medication. The parents are to advise the dose, time, mode of dispensing, Doctors name and name of medication. All this information will be kept on an individual medical plan.

Written and dated records are kept of all medicines administered to children, this includes naming the child and the medication, the prescribing doctor, dose and times and how the medication is to be dispensed. Parents must sign the record sheet to acknowledge entry and that they have been informed.

There is always a member of staff who will witness the correct dosage and name of the medication which will also be recorded, as will the date and time that the medication was dispensed. They will sign the record sheet as well as the staff member administrating the medicine. This must be done in pen..

If the administration of medicine requires technical/medical knowledge then individual training is provided for staff from a qualified health professional. Training is specific to the individual child concerned.

Individual medical plans will be reviewed every 12-16 weeks.
Where ever possible and under advice of a trained health professional individual children will be supported with any ongoing medical needs. This may include the attendance by the child’s key person at care plan meetings.

In the case of non-prescription medication the following is to be adhered to:
•Oral medication can only be given in the case of relieving a fever or reaction to an allergy if it has been documented on the child’s individual medical plan.
•Creams can only be administered for ongoing skin complaints if it has been documented on the child’s individual medical plan.
•Prior written parental consent must be obtained for each individual illness or need.
•There will not be a blanket consent given for all non-prescription.
•If children have been given medicines such as paracetamol, they will not be able to attend nursery that as it simply just masks the signs and symptoms of their illness.
June 2014

Hay fever Medication (this can be bought over the counter and not prescribed by your doctor.) Your child should have been receiving the medication for 48 hours before Rydal staff will administer it to ensure your child does not have an allergic reaction to it.

Children who require allergy medication/antihistamine for hay fever may have it administered by Rydal staff when attending for a full day. Children who require allergy medication/ antihistamine and attend a morning or afternoon session will need to have it administered before they come to nursery.
The allergy/antihistamine medication will need to be clearly labelled with your child’s name and date of birth. We will ask you to complete a form with your child’s details and dosage instructions and your signature, this will be counter signed by a member of the management team. We will complete the form when we have administered the medication and ask you to sign the form when you collect your child. Please bring in the medication at the beginning of the day and collect it at the end of the day.

Reviewed Annually

Outdoor Play

It is the policy of Rydal Day Nursery wherever possible to provide the same opportunities inside and outside for the children by using a wide range of resources and activities.

We believe that children enjoy learning outside so we aim to give the children the maximum amount of choice by making the outdoors available to them on arrival for the first half hour and again during the session when we have an outdoor playtime which the children can choose to extend.

In extreme weather conditions there are measures set in place to provide motor activities indoors.

All areas, indoors and out will be checked for hazards in the morning and signed off on the risk assessment sheet each day.

Outings and Visits

  • We visit our local parks to promote keeping active and healthy, to support our children’s knowledge of nature, wildlife and seasons.
  • We visit the beach, library and local shops to build and maintain relationships and develop a sense of belonging with our community.
  • We visit Christ Church for our Christmas concert and service and for Easter where we have a small service and an egg hunt.
  • To accompany our visits we invite our local community to come and talk with our children regarding their interests.
  • We invite our local police force, Noah’s Ark Zoo farm animals and the fire brigade, to name just a few.
  • We also invite parents to come in and talk to the children about their jobs, talents, interests and skills to support children’s learning.

Lost Child Procedure

We have a proactive procedure in place in the unlikely event a child went missing from the nursery. You can ask in the nursery to view this at any time.

Complaints Procedure

Equality and Diversity Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Child Protection Policy

Home Visit Policy

Data Protection Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Inspire, Aspire, Become

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