Nursery Layout

Our Layout

Tweenies are our children aged 8 months to 2 years. They are cared for in two rooms, we have a play room that opens out into our garden and a soft, comfy sleeping room upstairs.

Jolly tots are children aged 2 – 3 years. They play and learn on our ground floor in our two spacious rooms.

Pre school are children aged 3-4 years. They play and learn on our first floor in our two spacious rooms, and an additional smaller room for small group activities.


Parents information, leaflets, grievance / suggestions box, notice boards, coat pegs

Front Rooms – pre school and jolly tots

Book Corner – Story Telling

Encouraging concentration, extending knowledge and imagination, memory, language and vocabulary, creates an interest in reading and writing.

Computer – Maths – Science

Providing opportunities for IT, experimenting with scientific and mathematical equipment.

Physical Play

The climbing frame(jolly tots), slide, tunnel and balancing equipment, all aid the child’s personal development of balance, confidence and physical strength, co-ordination, spatial awareness.

Music – Sound & Movement

We provide a variety of musical instruments, along with cassettes CD’s to enhance music appreciation, movement, rhythm, listening skills.

Puppets – Flannel Graph

Encourage the children to express themselves through known stories and rhymes and through personal experiences acted out.

Backroom Carpeted Areas – pre school and jolly tots

Home Corner & Shop – Small World Toys

This encourages role play, social and cognitive development, turn taking, shared ideas, and sustained thinking.

Small & Large Construction – Puzzles – Table-top Activities

Jig saws, construction toys and other table top games involve sorting, matching and ordering. These help to develop hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and will aid future number work, reading and writing.

Backroom Laminate Floor Areas – pre school and jolly tots

Natural & Malleable Materials – Sand – Oats – Rice – Pasta & Water

These are part of our natural environment and are ideal materials for scientific experiments and theories, investigations and explorations.


Encourages mathematics in measuring, weighing, but also scientific experiments, seeing what occurs when heat is applied, and provides an insight into self sufficiency and a link with home.


Painting, pasting, junk-work, play dough, plasticene, theme craftwork, environmental studies, sewing, collage, cutting incorporate the use of a variety of implements, varying degrees of manual dexterity and encourage fun and messy play, towards a heightened knowledge of colours, textures, shapes and patterns.

Computer – Listening Centre

Computer programmes affording the children the benefit of up to the minute computer technology. Cassettes with story books encouraging concentration, expanding language and vocabulary, extending imagination pre-empting the story line, creating an interest in reading and writing. Programming Bee-Bot, Roma, cameras, video camera.

Playground / Garden

Sit and ride toys, prams, various balls and bats, sports equipment including wobble boards, stilts, quoits, hoops, bean bags, balance bench, Balance equipment, activity course, and parachute and gardening facilities. Soft surface with climbing frame, or trampoline or soft play.

They all help the child to become familiar with their physical abilities, while stimulating the child’s imagination, playing at ‘everyday’ living.

We aim to provide a wide range of activities that will encourage the development of the child as a whole.

Inspire, Aspire, Become

Ofsted Outstanding 2015